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About CTA Digital

CTA Digital is today's leader in producing innovative peripherals for game consoles and hand-held devices.

During its eighteen years of operation, CTA has grown its product line to offer a variety of innovative products to the consumers. Throughout these years, we have adapted to the changes of the market while maintaining a high standard of quality and creativity in everything that we do.

CTA has taken its passion for innovation and applied it to develop unique accessories that enhance the way that consumers experience technology. Each new product that we build, comes from careful deliberation driven by this underlying passion.

The resolve to improve how we experience products is important because it leads to unique and out-of-the-box ideas that have not been conceived or built before. We were the first (and only) company to offer bold and daring products like the Bowling Ball and Inflatable Kart for Nintendo Wii. This shows our commitment to always be ahead of the market. 

Each product is specifically designed to offer style, convenience and sophistication. We value both 'form' and 'functionality', thus providing products that not only appeal to the consumer's taste but are also pragmatic solutions to their needs.

CTA Digital is active online, and is open to feedback, queries, and networking with its consumers. You can find us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/CTAdigital), Twitter (http://Twitter.com/CTAdigital) and Youtube (http://Youtube.com/CTAdigital).




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