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Kids Adjustable Activity Table for iPad

UPC: 656777012519

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The Kids Adjustable Activity Table for iPad by CTA Digital helps protect the iPad from bumps and damage, safely bringing the wonder of tablet technology to young children of all ages, from toddlers to preschool and elementary school kids. The practical and engaging Activity Table offers a child size desk space with a special iPad holder tray and stand for the touch of technology this generation’s children will need to learn for tomorrow and want to play with today. There are many educational and drawing apps available for iPad, encouraging creativity and early learning for children, and the Activity Table provides the perfect place for kids to enjoy them all. The tray can also be flipped over for a flat table surface, ideal for play and traditional artistic activities, such as drawing and painting. The holder tray is easily adjusted to three different height levels to keep up with growing children and comfortably suit their needs. The adjustable height also allows the table to be used as either a desk station with a chair or as a floor level activity table. The removable tablet tray in the center of the table securely holds the iPad with a fitted cover and features a clear touch screen protector to guard against smudges and messy fingerprints. The tray safely locks into the table so that the iPad won’t be accidentally dropped or misplaced by children. It can also be easily set to different viewing angles with the included stand, so kids can comfortably enjoy their favorite videos and apps. Children’s educational and entertainment worlds are quickly merging into the new media of tablets, and with the versatility of CTA Digital’s Kids Activity Table for iPad, your kids can have a head start for tomorrow with a platform that supports traditional and digital activities for an enhanced learning and fun experience. 


Kid-Friendly and Safe for iPad
The colorful Kids Activity Table provides a comfortable, secure and playful space for children to use the iPad and enjoy the many popular drawing and coloring apps, fueling their creative and artistic spirit. The sturdy table, protective iPad holder and screen protector let kids tap, swipe and color with the iPad while keeping it safe and the adjustable legs ensure that it will last as they grow.

iPad holder
The special iPad holder is designed to fit the new iPad and iPad 2. Simply slide the iPad into the holder tray and snap shut. The tray has openings to allow access for charging connections and headphone use as well as tabs to make it easy to lift and adjust. The tray can be attached securely to the table with simple locking mechanisms, so that it’s not accidentally knocked over while in use.

Clear Screen Protection
The protective tray case also features a clear plastic screen cover that effectively guards the tablet screen from smudges, scratches and messy hands, while still allowing seamless multi-touch control and a clear view of the screen.

Adjustable Leg Heights
The table is designed to grow with your child and adjust to 3 different height levels (4” – 11” – 20”) for different purposes, so it can be comfortably used with a chair or set on the floor or a tabletop. The legs are assembled in segments with a padded foot on each end and can easily be removed or connected by an adult to adjust the desired height level.

Adjustable Viewing Stand
A stand is included and stored away below the iPad holder to adjust between three different viewing angles, so kids can comfortably enjoy watching videos or playing with apps. The tray can also be removed and rotated to change between horizontal and vertical orientations or simply laid flat in the table.

Transforms Into Traditional Desk
When not using the iPad, easily turn the tray over to the flat side and convert the iPad holder into a traditional desk for drawing and other fun activities like reading and painting. There are storage spaces along the tabletop to keep pens, brushes and other items.


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